Our business is COVID safe. All our instructors adhere to NSW Health requirements.

Our driving school services

We teach and assess safety driving in late model automatic or manual cars that have air conditioning, power steering and are fitted with dual controls. We are also fully and comprehensively insured as instructors and assessors.

Absolute Beginner Drivers

Using a lesson planner and a student performance sheet, the student is taught all the required driving skills and topics in the log book. The driving course starts from the basics and takes the student right to test level. RMS approved, one for three structured lessons, are recorded in the log book.

Learners With Experience

Students are initially assessed to determine their performance level. Then, a structured programme is tailored to suit their needs and get them test-ready.

Complete Driving Test Service

Test Preparation

Students who are near-test or already have failed the driving test are assessed, and then thoroughly coached in the RMS driving test requirements. Test sheets are analysed and explained before conducting the driving test trials around the RMS test areas to be test-ready.

Test Hire

Naturally, we offer to take our own students to the driving test, in our cars or theirs, when they’re test-ready. We also extend this service to other students, providing they have the warm-up lesson before the test. In addition they must demonstrate that they drive safely and are reasonably test-ready.

Our test hire includes 1 hour 15 min pick-up before the driving test for the warm-up, and drop-off after the test.

Overseas Licence Conversions

Driver assessment is always conducted first to diagnose any problem area, and then a tuition programme is tailored and structured to take the student to Australian RMS test standards.

Refresher For The Licensed

Licensed drivers who need to build their confidence are assessed, and problem areas are targeted.

Automatic To Manual Conversion

Students are taught, step by step, how to use the clutch to smoothly perform starting and stopping, gear changing, hill starts, and slow speed maneuvering for parking and three point turns. They start in carefully selected quiet locations until they are ready for traffic on the main road.

One-Arm Spinner Knob Tuition

A spinner Knob is fitted to the steering wheel during driving lessons.

Older Driver Assessment

We are qualified and accredited by the RMS to conduct Older Driver Assessments for the 85 year old and over. We pick-up from home or a designated location, then driving lessons and assessments are conducted in the local or designated area.

General Driver Competency Assessment

We assess Australian and overseas licensed drivers to determine their competency in applying safety driving according to the Australian Road Rules adopted by the RMS. Such driving assessments are suitable for clients of car rental companies, overseas visitors and corporate employees.

Learning to drive is Ezy Pzy

We strive consistently to uphold the highest professional standards in the driver education industry.

Our mission is to provide advanced safety driving tuition and genuine friendly customer service to all our students at reasonable prices.

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